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RSVP or Pay for Events

We have a lot of events and many ways to let us know that you're coming.  To make it easier, we have grouped events into the following categories:

Simple RSVP:  For planning purposes, we'd appreciate it if you would RSVP for our events.  When you RSVP, you let us know that we can count on your attendance at an event.

Examples: General Membership Meeting, General Membership Meeting (No Lunch), Walks, Movie Night


RSVP and pay at the door: This option is for someone coming to an event and will pay any associated fees via cash, check, or credit card. You may be paying the venue directly or paying SAWC.

Examples: Monthly General Membership Meeting with optional lunch, Titanic Tea @ Silver Fountain Inn.

Pay Online: We've also created our SAWC "store" where you can pay for meeting lunches, event tickets, and annual dues. A small handling fee is charged to use this service.  

Examples: Concert tickets, Fundraising event tickets, membership dues

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