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Standing Committees

Communication & Public Relations

We help facilitate communication for the club. Whether we're working on the monthly newsletter, building the website, promoting partner events, or working with other club members, our goal is the same - help make connections.


The hospitality committee was formed in November 2023.  This group is responsible for the logistics of our monthly meetings.

Continental Breakfast


The Committee has at least three (3) members, elected simultaneously as the Officers, to serve a two-year term. The immediate Past President serves as Chair. Their responsibility is to seek qualified candidates to fill elected positions for the Board of Directors. Every year in February, the Nominating Committee presents its recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Telephone Committee

This vital group serves to reach out and connect with members to provide personal, friendly meeting reminders and whatever important information is deemed necessary by the Board. Dedicated volunteers work in a "phone tree" fashion to provide vital outreach.

Image by Wesley Hilario
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