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Looking for a chance to make a difference in the world? Check out these amazing volunteer opportunities that always need extra hands! Be a part of something big and meaningful by getting involved today. Contact the designated person to learn more and join the team. Let's make a positive impact together!

Volunteer Opportunities


The Storybook Hugs Project 

Contact: Deb Fauth: 

READ to preschool children on Thursdays at 2:30 pm for 1 hour at Salem Family Resources.

Frequency commitment is optional - you can read weekly or whenever possible. A one-hour training/overview is available for those who want it. We can provide you with wonderful books that are Intergenerational and proven favorites, or you are welcome to read your favorite.


More schools will welcome us as soon as we have the volunteers. A CSP of Education & Libraries Committee, in partnership with the Intergenerational Collaborative of Salem.


To volunteer to read, contact: Deb Fauth: 

Salem Family Resources

Haigh School

24 School St

Salem, NH


The Silverthorne Project

Contact: Linda Molchan

Our monthly visits to bring extra sunshine to the participants at Silverthorne are still ongoing but with a simple format change. We are seeking volunteers to go once a month for two hours, preferably in teams of two. A CSP of Health & Wellness. Questions?

Silverthorne Adult Day Center
23 Geremonty Drive
Salem, NH 03079

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