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Education & Libraries


Our Mission

GFWC promotes education in both children and adults. We aim to help others while we also continue to learn. Projects in the Education and Libraries CSP are designed to foster schools and other educational institutions and opportunities and promote literacy, libraries, and the love of a good book.​

Education and Libraries Committee Updates


The Education and Libraries Committee is proud to be working with the Kelly Library to increase the number of audiobooks available for students in grades K-8 by donating $1,000 to purchase an additional 20 books. The library has had trouble keeping these books on the shelves as they are in high demand among young readers. In addition, the Committee will be donating $500 to purchase a desperately needed rolling cart. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We will also be honoring the Kelly Library librarians with cookies during librarian appreciation week in April 23.


In honor of John Conway, the Fisk School third-grade student who tragically passed away in November after being hit by a car, the Education and Libraries Committee has made a

$250  donation in his name to Dollars for Scholars. Our deepest sympathy goes out to John’s family during this difficult time of sorrow. Please keep them, and all those in the Fisk Elementary community, in your thoughts and prayers.

Currently, the Education and Libraries Committee is looking forward to additional community service projects, such as a Valentine’s Day project and our annual pinwheel garden honoring Cindy Jury. In addition, the Committee is investigating establishing a scholarship program for teachers looking to increase their skills in direct, intensive instruction in phonics.

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