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March 2023

Women's Club Delivers Appreciation Baskets to Poll Workers

Salem Area Women's Club members donated over 400 snacks to create Poll Volunteer Appreciation Baskets at the Club's March meeting.  Patti Drelick, SAWC President, and Norma Lapointe, Recording Secretary, delivered the baskets on Election Day to eight polling locations in Atkinson, Hampstead, Pelham, and Salem as a Nor'Easter raged.  SAWC is grateful to these election-day volunteers who ensure voters receive the assistance they need and help provide a positive and smooth voting experience.  The poll workers met the baskets with warm smiles and deep gratitude.  Without the hard work and dedication of over 180 volunteer poll workers, our local elections would be impossible.

Comfort Bags Derry News Mar 23 2023.png

Salem Women's Club Provides Comfort to Sexually Assaulted Victims


Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted; on average, 463,634 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.  The Salem Area Women's Club's Health and Wellness Committee created Comfort Bags to help restore dignity to victims after a medical examination in Emergency Rooms.

Medical care is a priority after an assault to screen and treat for injuries and disease.  In addition, all victims are offered evidence gathering to identify and prosecute perpetrators, including clothing

collection.  To avoid leaving the Emergency Department in scrubs, there is a desire for cozy clothing for the victims. 


To meet this need, the Health and Wellness committee created 30 Comfort Bags containing personal care items, new undergarments, socks, pants, and shirts in various sizes.  The Salem Area Women Club members donated all the items, and members even sewed bags.  Recently, Parkland Hospital's Sexual Assault Unit Clinical Coordinator, Pam, received bags from Linda Molchon and Connie O'Connell of the Health and Wellness committee.

February 2023

February 2023


Women’s Club Delivers a Rhea of Sunshine

The Salem Area Women’s Club’s (SAWC) Community Engagement and Outreach committee proudly donated a crash crate ($370) to the Salem Police Department to ensure their comfort dog, Rhea, travels safely during car rides while on duty.  Although only seven months old, this beautiful Labrador Retriever is already calm, friendly, and good-natured.  Named after the Titan Greek god of comfort and ease, Rhea will continue her training under Officer Brian Lawrence’s direction with the help of Hero Pups in Stratham, NH.  In a few more months, she’ll be a valuable resource for trauma victims by providing a therapeutic role as part of SPD’s emergency response services.  In addition, Rhea will give unconditional love and support to people on some of their most challenging days.  Is there anything more comforting than the reassuring touch of a dog or the sight of a wagging tail?

TV Coverage

SCTV 17 ( - watch CE&O January Presentations

A big thank you to Susan McLoughlin for filming our event!

February 2023


Women's club warms hearts by donating $10K+

The Community Engagement and Outreach committee of the Salem Area Women’s Club donated over $10,000 to five highly deserving organizations.


Reaching across the entire southern NH region, Family Promise ($5,000) and Brigid’s House of Hope ($2,500) help vulnerable individuals and families rebuild their lives in secure and caring environments.


As food prices continue to climb, the following organizations are imperative to keeping food on tables. End 68 Hours of Hunger of Salem ($1,000) fills the nutritional needs of school-aged children over the weekend, while St. Anne’s Food Pantry ($150) helps reduce food insecurity in Hampstead.


Recognizing the sacrifices made by our veterans and those who serve our communities is vital.  Therefore, $1,000 was donated to The Homeland Heroes Foundation, Atkinson, which offers an array of supportive services to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families.


October 20, 2022

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