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Arts & Culture

Our Mission

To inspire clubwomen, and ignite within you, a desire to make the world a more beautiful, thoughtful, and caring place.


Therefore, our goal is to take an active role in sponsorship, scholarship, production, direction, and performance in every aspect of all arts and from all cultures.  To be proactive in the support of all forms of Art and Culture in our local communities.


Creative Writing | Dance | Fine Art | Improvisation

Music | Photography | Singing | Speech | Theater


The organization provides quality orchestral music for musicians in the Merrimack Valley region and encourages young musicians with performance opportunities, training, and scholarships for advanced music studies.

Service area includes:

  • Atkinson

  • Hampstead

  • Pelham

  • Salem

  • Windham

Contact: Sarah Friend for any questions or inquiries or


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Current Projects

2024-2026 Future Events & Projects

  • Coming soon!

Completed Projects

2022-2024 Events & Projects: 

  • Creative Writing Contest 

  • Empower Her Comedy Night 

  • Funny Money 

  • NH Philharmonic Holiday Pops 

  • Photography Contest 

  • Ranked, the Musical

  • Staying Alive Concert  Staying Alive! Tribute Band Palace Theater

  • Beautiful at the Palace Theater

  • The Flower Hugs Project 

  • Titanic Tea 

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