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Health & Wellness

Yoga on Beach
Our Mission

The human body, mind, and spirit comprise our health and wellness. To improve our well-being, we must address three key components: nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care. This Community Service Program aims to explore the various opportunities for awareness and advancement of each of these vital areas.

Supported in the Past*: 

  • Alzheimer`s Mental Health

  • Caregiver Recognition

  • Center for Life Management

  • Domestic Violence

  • His Mansion Ministries

  • Sexual Assault

  • Silverthorne

  • Up Reach Therapeutic Equestrian Program

* A donation in the past is not a guarantee of a future donation.

Current Projects

  • Comfort bags for victims of sexual violence

  • Clothing Protectors 

  • Caregivers Program

  • Monthly visits to Silverthorne

Completed Projects

  • Comfort bags for victims of sexual violence.

  • Domestic Violence Project

  • Glow Walking Project

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