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Who We Are

The Salem Area Women's Club GFWC-NH (SAWC) has been serving the local community since 1926 by making a positive impact through philanthropy and outreach programs. With over 100 members, SAWC donated more than $40,000 to nearly 50 organizations last year.


SAWC is affiliated with GFWC, an international women’s organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. GFWC-NH brings together all General, Junior, and Juniorette Clubs in the State. 

Community Service Programs

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What We Do

The Salem Area Women's Club GFWC-NH works locally to bring positive change. We are dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service. Simply put, we impact lives through acts large and small.  

Our organization's efforts are structured and targeted, thanks to five key committees that oversee most of our projects. We collaborate with local organizations to identify the most effective ways to impact positively. These committees are also ways we connect and build friendships.


To learn more about the CSPs, tap on one of the buttons on the left.

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